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How lotto winners react to that glorious phone call

ONE of the greatest phone calls you could ever receive in life would have to be the voice of any person claiming to be from Lotto, right?

Well, not always.

We can reveal some interesting conversations and responses that have taken place after people have won lotto, including one person who hung up because he thought he was being pestered by telemarketers. The man had won $100,000 but hung up on the phone call from NSW Lotteries because he thought they were trying to sell him something over the phone. The man, from Enfield in Sydney’s inner west, told the NSW Lotteries spokeswoman: “What are you selling me? Sorry, whatever it is I don’t want it.” He then promptly hung up. NSW Lotteries waited six minutes before trying to contact the man again. When the spokeswoman called back, she immediately told him he had won money and she was from NSW Lotteries. “How much!?” he asked initially. The man was told he had won the guaranteed 1st Prize of $100,000 in a Super Jackpot draw. His tune quickly changed. “You’re joking! You’re joking! Are you really serious? And I didn’t even answer your bloody calls! I’m sorry there are just too many advertising and marketing nuisance calls always trying to sell you something — I just never expected I’d get a phone call about winning money,” he said.

After hearing the dream-come-true news that she was $1 million richer, an ecstatic Monday Lotto winner from Bateau Bay, on the NSW central coast, let out a long ear-piercing scream before breaking down into tears of joy. After calming down, the winner confessed she couldn’t believe she had won. Disbelief is a common response we get from winners with many winners in a state of shock and disbelief as their dream of winning comes true.

On learning the news he had won $1,052,631.58 in Tattslotto, one winner from Moe in Victoria kept repeating ‘I just can’t believe it.  He had joked about receiving a phone call about winning lotto for years and was in a state of disbelief it had actually happened.


The winners of the largest win on a single ticket in Powerball history, Hervey Bay grandparents, missed six calls before they finally answered their phone to hear the life changing news. The couple said they never considered themselves ‘lucky’ and confessed the best thing they’d ever won was a chook raffle.